Warriors’ opponents in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers Ghana could be banned from participating in the campaign by Fifa after former national team coach Kwesi Appiah threatened to report the country’s FA to the world football governing body over money owed to him.

Appiah’s reign as Ghana coach ended in December last year and is reportedly owed up to $185 000 by the country’s football fathers, a situation which has irked him to the point of considering taking the matter to Fifa.

“I decided to keep quiet on my salaries’ issues all these while but I think if you are working with someone and you are no more, the best way is to give the person whatever he deserves and there will be peace,” he said according to Accra-based Starr FM.

“The question is how do I feed my family meanwhile I quite remember when they took over Dr Kofi Amoah gave them $1 million and I even understand there is also some $500,000 from FIFA or whatever, the bottom line is you should look at the essential ones and try and sort it out.

“But it looks like they don’t care. This is money I have worked for and they are not telling me anything which I feel it doesn’t show sign of respect. So I have told my lawyers to deal with it.” he added.

A friend of his Asante Fokou, then confirmed the action he might take is reporting to world football’s governing body: “Kwesi wouldn’t resort to the law court as it is being reported in the media but would rather head to FIFA in the worst case scenario and also demand interest on the said amount,” he said according to Joy Sports.

Should Appiah take the case to Fifa, the Ghana FA could get a deadline to clear the debt and failure to do so, their national team would be banned from taking part in the next World Cup, a fate Zimbabwe suffered in the 2014 campaign.