Warriors coach Zdravko Logarušić says he can’t wait for football to return so that he takes charge of the senior men’s national soccer team and do what he is being paid for.

The Croat, who has not presided over a single competitive game with the country’s flagship football team since he was appointed in January, is at home in light of the indefinite lockdown enforcement by government to prevent the spread of Covid-19, a pandemic which has resulted in all football activity being suspended.

Speaking to The Herald newspaper, Logarušić said:“I will be lying if I say I have been home sick. The truth is football is my profession and I have always been praying for its return all this time,” he said.

“I am very hopeful that football will return soon. You know, sitting at home without football, is not normal. I am hoping that the disease is eradicated completely and we go back to our normal lifestyle with football at the centre of everything.

“I am not happy receiving the salaries which I have not worked for. I want to be coaching football. I want to be watching football. I eat football and nothing else so I can’t say anything else.” he added.