Zifa has released the budget for the COVID-19 funds that have been received from Fifa.

The association received US$ 1,8m from Fifa to help on the restart of football in the country.

The men’s football is set to receive $500 000 as well as their women counterparts. $300,000 has been set aside for the coming qualifiers of CAF tournaments while the remaining $500,000 will be used in the Fifa games that are scheduled for next year.

The amount meant for men’s football will see the PSL getting $100,000 to be shared equally among the eighteen clubs. The Division 1 (four leagues) and the Division 2 (ten provincial leagues) will also get the same amount as the PSL.

The rest will be shared among other boards such as the NASH, FUTSAL, Beach, the national Chan team.

Meanwhile, Zifa has been engaging its affiliates on whether to disburse the money in local currency or in the US dollar.

For a full breakdown of the budget click here.