The South African Football Association (Safa) is lobbying for sanctions on Belgian coach Luc Eymael following his racist remarks towards Tanzanians.

Eymael, who has worked in the Absa Premiership before, described the supporters of Young Africans FC (Yanga) as ‘dogs and monkeys’. He was immediately sacked by the club and was asked to leave the East African country as soon as possible.

As a way of patriotism, Safa now wants the Belgian banned from working in South Africa for life.

The association says it will take the following steps:

• To direct a letter to the Minister of Sports to bring this matter to his attention, with SAFA stated position that we will raise objection to any consideration of granting coach Eymael a work permit in South Africa in future.
• Bring this matter to the attention of world football governing body, FIFA as well as the Confederation of African Football (CAF)
• Write a letter of solidarity and support to the Tanzania FA and to assure them of our full cooperation on any remedial steps they may consider

Yanga, meanwhile, have already sent a formal complaint to Fifa.