Former Dynamos and CAPS United midfielder Dominic Mukandi has pleaded with the authorities to enable the resumption of the local league, saying lack of income on the part of players can result in them making regrettable decisions.

Football in the country was brought to a halt in March due to government’s quest to mitigate the spread of the Covid-19 and hasn’t returned since, with blame game between ZIFA and the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) the order of the day.

Mukandi, who is not attached to any club at the moment, pleaded with the authorities to usher-in the resumption of the local top-flight, as it is a source of income for many bread winners.

“Even if I train after that I need food to replenish my body. At the same time the family is looking up to me to put food on the table. I do not want to lie, my morale is very low. I’m just training because this is work, but things are not well. We are getting to a stage where some of us may end up stealing due to lack of income,” he said in video posted by the Footballers Union of Zimbabwe(FUZ).