Violence breaks out in Belgium after World Cup loss to Morocco

Violance broke out in the Belgian capital Brussels after their national team suffered a 2-0 loss against Morocco at World Cup on Sunday.

Abdelhamid Sabiri and Zakaria Aboukhlal’s goals were enough to hand the Red Devils their first defeat at the Qatar tournament.

The result was a major upset for the Europeans and this stirred riots across Brussels, according to AP.

The European country is home to several Moroccan immigrants.

Police were called in and sealed off parts of the city’s CBD. The subway and tram traffic were also interrupted on orders from the authorities.

The force then deployed water cannons and fired tier gas to disperse crowds.

It was not immediately clear how many people were detained during the disturbances.

Meanwhile, Belgium slipped to third place of Group F, putting the team’s chances of progressing to knockout stage in major doubt.

3 thoughts on “Violence breaks out in Belgium after World Cup loss to Morocco

  1. Morroco is a very good team .A true soccer follower wont be surprised by the result as the Belgian squad is not at its best.

  2. Why do the Belgians think as if football is a war battle? They should remember every match has three possible results, a win, a draw & a loss. No team can win every match.

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