Update on Rufaro Stadium renovations ahead of new season

The Harare City Council is yet to start notable renovations on Rufaro Stadium with just over a month left before the beginning of the 2023 domestic football season.

The soccer venue has been in bad state in recent years and was blocked from hosting top-flight games last season by the ZIFA’s First Instance Body.

The condition hasn’t changed with several areas still needing significant improvement to meet the minimum standards to start hosting the matches against.

These include the perimeter wall, parking areas, drainage system, ablution facilities, pitch condition, changing rooms and media points.

Last year, Sakunda Holdings entered a deal to renovate the stadium but withdrew from the project.

The energy company had planned to renovate the football venue after receiving a long-term lease contract from the stadium owners Harare City Council in March.

Sakunda withdrew from the renovations after accusing the City of Harare of reneging on the signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

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