SRC threatens to dissolve entire ZIFA congress

The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) chairman Gerald Mlotshwa has threatened to dissolve the entire ZIFA structure if the football body fails to implement the recommendations made by the ZIFA Restructuring Committee (ZRC) board.

The nine-member Restructuring Committee was appointed following the suspension of the Felton Kamambo-led ZIFA board and managed the operations until a new board came in place in April 2022. Its other mandate was to come up with a strategic roadmap towards addressing the issues that have affected football management and administration in Zimbabwe.

The restructuring team’s report was released on Thursday, and it made several recommendations.

The report recommend the need to come up with a new and progressive constitution, management and financial accountability at all levels, grassroot football development and viable channels that will fund the organisation.

Mlotshwa said he expects ZIFA to start implementing these recommendations by March 31, and everything is now in the FA’s hands.

“If you had asked me a timeframe, we should have a new constitution by March 31 and then new ZIFA electioqns would be held at all levels. Then after that, we can approach FIFA and shape a roadmap,” the SRC boss said, as cited by the H-Metro.

“Will not tolerate a situation where there will be certain postponements as there is an element of flexibility. I think there is good rapport and there is genuine sincerity and the desire on their (ZIFA) part to implement these reforms.”

He added: “The SRC in terms of the Act has got remedial power, particularly Section 30. If things get to a point where there is an absolute refusal by ZIFA Congress to implement reforms that we all agree should be implemented, the SRC will be in a position that ZIFA seizes to operate as a national sports association.

“In the event that we reach that conclusion, which we are very far from, we do have the power in terms of the Act to dissolve ZIFA. We will not recognise them as an association that is responsible for our football.”

Zimbabwe is already under FIFA sanctions after the SRC suspended ZIFA president Felton Kamambo in November 2021.

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