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Bruce Grobbelaar: “The state of Zimbabwean football breaks my heart”

Legendary former Warriors coach and goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar has poured his heart out on the state of football in Zimbabwe,  saying it dipresses him and breaks his heart.

Politics, an ever-shrinking economy and corruption have affected the development of football in the country, a setback exacerbated by the country’s suspension by FIFA from international football owing to ‘third party interference’.

Grobbelaar, who made 32 appearances for Zimbabwe,  bemoaned the high level of corruption in the administration of football, which has sent the game to its death bed.

“I have looked at how the journey of Zimbabwean football has gone and it dipresses me so much that an administration called ZIFA can actually gone on a journey and destroy the lives of footballers in Zimbabwe, with corruption and greed,” Grobbelaar said on Alpha Media Holdings online show In Conversation with Trevor.

“It breaks my heart because Zimbabwe has got the most talented players in Southern Africa. I know this because they are intelligent and they know their football.

“It doesn’t matter if you go around grassroots football in Zimbabwe now, you will find beautiful talent of youngsters that have got a brain, and they know football,” he added.

The former Liverpool goalkeeper revealed that he would like to coach the Warriors again if given a chance.

“I would like to go on one last journey as the coach of Zimbabwe. For the 2026 World Cup, I would love to take the national side with a team of coaches with me, to go back and help them go to a World Cup that they have never been to,” said Grobbelaar.

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