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Jordan Zemura finally opens up on acrimonious exit from Bournemouth

Warriors defender Jordan Zemura has finally opened up on his acrimonious exit from Bournemouth at the end of last season.

Zemura left the Cherries after falling out with the club’s hierarchy who barred him from the first team.

The Zimbabwe international upset the executive after signing a transfer agreement with Italian Serie A side Udinese, while still in talks for a contract extension with Bournemouth.

In an interview with Breaking The Lines, as cited by Yahoo News, Zemura described the end to his time at Vitality Stadium as a “fiasco” but felt that the time was right to move on.

“It was a tough moment for myself,” he said.

“It was my first experience of all of that fiasco going on.

“It was difficult – I’m not going to sit here and say that I took it on the shoulder and moved on.

“It’s always tough because it’s a place that I’ve been there for so long.

“Four years is a long time, especially in my development, a lot happened in that time period.

“But it was more of less, I think for myself, coming through the ranks at Bournemouth, I needed to make that move by myself, go somewhere else and become a man.

“To live somewhere else, not be seen as an academy player coming through from the 21s to the first team.

“Then Udinese came about, and it wasn’t something I could really turn down. It was something that was so promising.

“Not only was I given the opportunity to live in Italy, learn another language, (but also) to play at such a great club.

“For me, this is something I will always look back on in my career and be very, very grateful to Udinese for giving me this opportunity.”

Jordan Zemura added that he has no regrets on leaving Bournemouth.

He added: “Your career is not 50 years – it’s more 10, 15, 20 if you’re lucky, but more or less it’s not a long time.

“So for myself, at such a young age, I thought ‘you know what, let’s go an experience something else that is going to push myself’.

“I’m proud of myself now, living in another country, I’m playing for such a club.

“No regrets, you can’t have any kind of regrets in football because it goes so fast.

“Seasons come, seasons go, literally. It happens like that.”


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