Cuthbert Dube reacts to sacking

Former ZIFA President Cuthbert Dube says he holds no grudges after being voted out of office by the ZIFA council in an extraordinary meeting yesterday.

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51 councillors voted against Dube with only three backing him to stay. Dube had earlier resigned but the councillors proceeded to fire him marking the end of his unpopular reign.

ZIFA CEO Jonathan Mashingaidze takes over on interim basis for 60 days until fresh elections are held .

Speaking after the meeting Dube said I am a happy man. It’s actually better for me now, I will get a bit of rest. I have run my race and it’s for others to take over. I have no hard feelings whatsoever.

Dube said he would leave with some things he could be proud of. “What I know is I have left a bit of legacy in that the Zifa Village was completed from nothing added Dube.

He warned though that he would seeking to recover personal money he had used .”The association owes me owes me $918 049,30 stated Dube and I will be knocking on their doors soon to get my money.

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