Highlanders fans not impressed with Cosmas Zulu

p>Highlanders’ technical director Cosmas “Tsano” Zulu was left with egg on his face after his debut Question and Answer edition with Bosso fans went horribly wrong.

After answering a couple of questions from Bosso die hards at the Club House soon after their 2-0 win over Dongo Sawmills, the fans took a swipe at him with others telling him that he was too talkative.

“Why do want to celebrate mediocrity. We can’t celebrate small clubs like Dongo. Why didn’t you come to address us after our 3-1 loss to Caps United,” asked one Bosso fan who identified himself as Mbonisi Dube.

Tsano went on to tell the fans that at this time of the season they cannot afford to field young players like King Nadolo instead they will use veteran players as they seek to avoid relegation.

“King is a young and skill player but we cannot field now. The team is sinking we need veteran players to serve the club,” said Zulu amid a barrage of insults.

The Question and Answer session ended prematurely with Bosso faithful’s instead clamouring to meet with the clubs executive members like Club chairman Peter Dube and the likes of Ndumiso Gumede who is Bosso’s chief executive officer.

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