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Chiyangwa rewards Warriors with $10 000

ZIFA presidential elections hopeful Philip Chiyangwa says he wants local football to be enjoyed once again.

Chiyangwa was speaking at a function where he rewarded the Warriors for their CHAN qualification.

Chiyangwa donated $10 000 to the national team players and technical team.

‘I want football to be enjoyed once again said Chiyangwa ,that all I want.

‘Just like back in the day .If you can just buy my dream and move with me you will see what I will do added Chiyangwa.

Chiyangwa said he was aiming to mend the embattled image of the game and correct things such that local football is self-sustainable and making money.

‘We need to do things professionally and make sure everyone is paid from the coach and players we don’t want problems.

If players are called they must be paid said Chiyangwa.

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