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Chiyangwa promises to clear ZIFA debt

ZIFA Presidential candidate and flamboyant business man, Philip Chiyangwa has promised to clear off balloning ZIFA debt wants voted in office.

The Chronicle quoted the businessman from his interview last night on Zifm were he spoke about his vision if elected into office on elections to be held on December 5.

Chiyangwa appears to be confident on taking over the reigns at debt striken Zifa and he believes he has the brains to unlock financial gains at the country’s football motherbody.

“We don’t want another fool running Zifa. We don’t want to have another person taking a nap at Zifa. When I’m voted in, I will service the debt only after it has been satisfied that each amount is not inflated and is justified by paperwork,” said Chiyangwa. Asked where he will get the money to clear the huge debt, Chiyangwa responded:

“Don’t worry about the money aspect; my game is to look for money.” He was not bothered by criticism that he lacks the qualities to run Zifa. Chiyangwa said he had covered lots of ground and has a powerful campaign team that has organised many meetings with Zifa councillors that will vote in a new board.

“As of now, I command a hell lot of support from the councillors and I’m way ahead. If people think there’s someone better than me, then they can go and pick the forms (nomination forms),” he said.

Chiyangwa has intensified his campaign and again yesterday he donated $10 000 dollars to the Mighty Warriors for their recent success in qualifying for the Rio Olympics.

Chiyangwa handed the money to Sports Commission director general Charles Nhemachena in Harare yesterday.

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