Revealed: Why ZIFA fired Calisto Pasuwa

Details have started to emerge following ZIFA’s shock move to fire head coach Callisto Pasuwa last night.

ZIFA announced the sacking of Pasuwa and replaced him with Chicken Inn head coach Joey Antipas. Pasuwa’s entire technical team was also removed and replaced with new personnel.

The move throws into chaos Zimbabwe’s preparations for the upcoming CHAN 2016 tournament in Rwanda.

The move has sent shock waves through the football fraternity with fans questioning the decision especially in light of the commendable job Pasuwa had been doing.

Sources have confirmed that ZIFA tried to change some members of the technical team and impose staff on Pasuwa . Something Pasuwa was not happy about and refused to do.

ZIFA insisted on a new team manager for the team to replace Shariff Mussa who Pasuwa enjoyed a good relationship with. ZIFA wanted Mussa to be replaced Wellington Mpandare who coincidentally was part of Chiyangwa’s election team.

Some ZIFA members have also been pushing Pasuwa to include certain players in the CHAN squad something Pasuwa and his technical team totally refused.

The sources close to the events suggest  that ZIFA insisted on other technical changes which Pasuwa questioned especially with barely a month before the Warriors are supposed to travel to CHAN 2016.

Pasuwa’s reluctance to give in to the demands ultimately cost his job.

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