Rushwaya: “I bribed Mashingaidze to lift my ban”

Former ZIFA boss Henrietta Rushwaya has hit back at current ZIFA CEO Jonathan Mashingaidze claiming she had to bribe him to get her ban lifted.

Rushwaya was pardoned along with other administrators and players that were involved in the Asiagate scandal.

Rushwaya has been implicated in the latest match fixing scandal to rock Zimbabwe and ZIFA has suspended her from all football activity.

Rushwaya is believed to be a key individual in the match fixing ring that also involves suspended ZIFA board member Edzai Kasinauyo, former head coach Ian Gorowa and brother to Asiagate master mind Wilson Praj .

However Rushwaya has now exposed Mashingaidze in a letter that is copied to both FIFA and the ZIFA assembly.

In the letter Rushwaya asks Mashingaidze if she was now being suspended because she is demanding to be paid back the bribe money to get the ban lifted.

Though not vindicating Rushwaya the allegations will bring more questions of integrity for the ZIFA CEO.

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