PSL demands lifting of suspensions before talks with ZIFA

The Premier Soccer League has welcomed ZIFA’s step to try and resolve the relegation/promotion contentious issue but has laid down certain conditions before talks can be concluded.

According to a statement outlining the conditions of engagement the PSL noted that ZIFA had taken the noble and commendable step of seeking the mending of bridges unnecessarily burnt by the promotion/relegation dispute between the parties.

An organising committee with representative of both parties has been set up to resolve the issue but the PSL wants certain conditions met.

Conditions the PSL want met are:

The lifting of suspensions of PSL chairman Peter Dube and PSL governor Lewis Uriri

-No engagement can take place as long as the chairman, Peter Dube and Lewis Uriri are suspended

The PSL must choose its own representative to the organizing committee to oversee the resolution of the dispute

The PSL must be able to choose its representatives taking account special needs such as financial, administrative, legal and technical competencies

Equal representation on the organizing committee and transparency of its process

In addition the PSL says it was wanted the July 25 playoff resolutions (to relegate two teams and have two teams from play offs) to stand

In addition the PSL clarified that its committed and had always been committed to funding the play offs and had budgeted for them.

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