Senegal vs. Zimbabwe: 6 Things We Learned

‘Warriors CAN still qualify’

Given the performances of the Warriors –the average standard of play in their two group B matches –it is not an overstatement to say that the Warriors CAN still beat Tunisia and still qualify for the quarter finals. If Senegal beat Algeria (which is most likely), Zimbabwe needs to beat Tunisia –which is a rhapsody of reality.

If Algeria beat Senegal, and Zimbabwe wins against Tunisia, Tunisia will be out, while Algeria and Zimbabwe will be on level points. Head-to-head will not apply, since the two teams drew. It will be down to the margin of scores on the last day of group B.

‘Patriotism or jingoism’

That said, most ‘patriots’ are mere masquerades. Constructive criticism does not revoke any loyalty. Patriotism is not the ‘hear-no-evil, see-no-evil’ sensational habit of tropanopically affirming unreasoning-ability. That one is sheer jingoism! In an utmost true patriotic gesture, the nation critically needs to constructively CRITICIZE the Warriors and only then can we move in the right direction and improve.

‘It’s still the way to Kama . . .’

Favourably, the Sundowns man has not suddenly become Khama ‘bad free-kicks’ Billiart overnight. The midfielder’s grandeur is still absolute. The runner up to the CAF player of Year had subdued performance but is still is the biggest slice on the pie chart of the warriors’ grand scheme.

‘Pasuwa requires tactical apprehension’

Pasuwa needs to rouse from a tactical hypnosis. The otherwise jazzed up manager appears to need a concise ability to quickly come up with plan B when plan A goes wrong.

‘Ambition is better than experience’

How an otherwise inexperienced Tatenda Mukuruva played a key role in Warriors avoiding humiliation against the Sadio Mane inspired Lions of Teranga stopped short of exposing some of his experienced teammates for lacking ambition.

Reality check 

Against Senegal, the Warriors faced arguably the best side on the continent, and potential AFCON 2017 champions. The performance showed the difference in quality and application and simply put, the Lions of Teranga are on another level. Qualifying for AFCON was a good achievement for the Warriors, but as far as ranking against the very best, they do have quite a bit to do.


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