A former Dynamos executive member who refused anonymity said that somebody within the current executive was an accomplice in terminating and clearing Valentine Kadonzvo.

The midfielder completed his move to Chicken Inn early this week where he signed a two-year contract.

Dynamos are now crying foul that Kadonzvo misrepresented himself to them claiming he was going to the United States to further his studies and the college wanted him unattached. The Harare club wants to appeal to the Premier Soccer League to have the clearance invoked.

“There is someone who connived with the player so that he gets his contract terminated and got that clearance. Honestly, how can they not verify with the said college online or even call? Something fishy is going on at Dynamos,” said the former executive member.

“Remember that issue of Denver Mukamba, he goes away for months but is still said to be a Dynamos player. Honestly, if a player absconds there should be a breach of contract and should be fired but that is not the case here.

“So what is the nature of his contract? It means that somebody within the executive is playing games. There is no way a player with such documented truant behaviour and image had his contract renewed even when the coaches didn’t want.”

The former executive member also blamed the media for turning a blind eye on such cases.

“You the media guys are also in these dirty dealings because instead of interrogating these things, you are paid to put a blind eye.

“How many players locally like Mkhokheli Dube went to the United States but never had this situation, even the likes of Lucky Mkhosana and Kelvin Madzongwe. The person who cleared him must tell the truth,” he added.