We won’t listen to barking dogs: Kamambo

Zifa president Felton Kamambo says his board will not listen to barking dogs and will instead continue doing what he thinks is the best for football.

Presenting a vote of thanks at the signing ceremony of the partnership between the Premier Soccer League and FidelityLife, Kamambo said although he values media there are some critics who behave like barking dogs.

“In Shona, there is a saying, kuhukura kwembwa hakutadzise train kufamba. We value the media but there are some that are always barking and we will not stop,” said Kamambo.

Kamambo has been under criticism over his failure to deliver on some of his promises like the provision of the Umbro kit and replica jerseys before the Sunday match.

The Zifa president has also been under attack for trying to push for his runner boys during the elections with Zifa Northen Region secretary-general Sweeney Mushonga being at the centre of controversy as he is reportedly earmarked for the chief executive officer’s post currently occupied by Joseph Mamutse.

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