Warriors skipper Knowledge Musona believes big things are coming for the Warriors despite their 1-1 draw with Uganda.

Musona missed a great chance in the game as the Warriors failed to collect all three points despite getting a number of chances.

Speaking to the media at the Warriors training session in Egypt Musona said, “I believe that in football you cannot score on every chance you get, if you are lucky on the day you can score as many as you can.

“But I was just unlucky , but I took it as a football player that things happen on the pitch.  “I just have to keep going ,I told myself I am going to fight until the end and whatever happens that’s it ,it’s not my choice. It was God’s choice that we drew,on a good day, I am sure you know that Knowledge doesn’t miss like that.

“When I going into the pitch, I don’t go there saying I want to miss.I want to make my country proud and I want to play very good every game. 

“But its a phase that is passing and I believe big things coming added Musona.