Billiat’s S.A donations spark debate

They say charity begins at home, but whoever said that must have forgotten to mention that it shouldn’t stay there.

One of the wealthiest footballers in country, Kaizer Chiefs’ Khama Billiat, in a bid to give back to the community, started a foundation named after him, which has so far donated sports equipment, laptops, and food to the underprivileged both in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

What has triggered a lot of debate however is the 29-year-old former Ajax Cape Town winger’s decision to extend his hand to the needy in South Africa before the Rainbow Nation’s coronavirus-enforced 21-day lockdown which started on Friday.

Some feel he should have also extended his hand to Zimbabwe since supposedly South Africa is better equipped and more prepared for this crisis, while others defended him for sticking to the Rainbow Nation because that is where his bread is buttered hence it’s logical for it to benefit more.

“I think people are just having an unnecessary sense of entitlement, to a point where they want to manage other people’s personal incomes. Before we criticize Khama, let’s ask ourselves this simple question; who monitors what we do with our personal incomes?,” said Bruce Moyo in an interview with Soccer24. 

“Some people who are accusing Billiat have bought more groceries for their in-laws than their own parents ahead of this lockdown, but I doubt Khama has questioned their behaviors. After all, we all know that the said player has been doing some charity work here in Zimbabwe, let us appreciate that. Let people do what they want with their income,” he added.

Nobert Basvi, a stauch CAPS United fan, echoed Moyo’s words.

“In as much as we say charity begins at home, I strongly believe that Khama is working and donating stuff back home me his own time. Remember, he donated to people who live in South Africa and some of them are Zimbabweans even so.”

“It starts from where you are then it spreads, lets give him time the say staff latter if he fails to donate, after all its his money he can do whatever he wants with it. Those who are saying why S.A before Zimbabwe what have they done to the vulnarable in their communities?”


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