Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho has responded to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s jibe by joking that the Manchester United coach would like a 22-yard penalty box.

Solskjaer joked about the Portuguese gaffer’s request to adjust the goals, ‘which were too small’ before the Europa League qualifier against Shkendija in Macedonia last week.

Solskjaer made the remarks after their 3-2 win against Brighton who hit the woodwork five times during the encounter. He said: “We have to be grateful Jose is not here to measure the goalposts, it might have been smaller goals!”

Jose was then asked about the comments ahead of Tottenham’s match with Newcastle on Sunday afternoon. He highlighted how Manchester have received many penalties over the past year including the injury-time spot-kick against Brighton which was awarded after the full-time whistle had been blown.

The Portugues said: “I think Ole yesterday was so happy and surprised with what happened to his team that he had a joke, but I understand for him that the dimensions of the goalposts are not important.

“For him what is important is the dimensions of the 18-yard box.

“You’d never accept to play with a 17-yard box, I think he’d prefer a 22-yard box.”

United are next in Premier League action when they host Tottenham at Old Trafford on Sunday 4 October.