Mapisa reveals how his mother’s death influenced his career

Warriors goalkeeper Martin Mapisa says his mother’death encouraged him to up his game at his Spanish third-devision side Zamora CF.

The 22-year old lost his mom to cancer last year but could not travel to Zimbabwe to attend the burial because of coronavirus pandemic. He  is yet to come home due to travel restrictions.

Speaking to the Herald, the goalkeeper admitted the loss was a blow as he battled to progress in Spain.

“I couldn’t visit my country to see my family and stuff.

“Even up to now I cannot go.

“I wanted to go to the funeral but then I checked on the flights and found none. That was a very hard time for me.

“For you to succeed you must pass through the hard times.

“It was a blessing from my mum, I think, for us to get promoted. I think it was a blessing for me.

“Every time when we score, I always knee down and look up to the sky for me to give thanks to God so that I keep going places.’’

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