Dean Smith hails Nakamba’s record for Villa

Aston Villa coach Dean Smith has acknowledged Marvelous Nakamba’s performances whenever the midfielder has gotten a chance to play.

Nakamba has had little game time this campaign, starting four times and the team managed to keep a clean sheet in all appearances.

Asked about the record, Smith said: “It certainly is (incredible). He’s never let us down when he’s come in.

“We’ve been having a decent season and it’s been hard for him to get minutes but he’s one who’s certainly trained very well and, when players aren’t performing, I knew I could put him in.

“He’s never let us down when he’s come in and today was another example of that.”

Smith also praised Nakamba’s performance in the game against Leeds on Saturday.

The Zimbabwean midfielder made an impressive display covering the backline but was a bit untidy in his passing throughout the game.

“Positionally I thought he got in good areas,” the coach said. “He broke things up when he needed to.

“He could have been a bit tidier on the ball at times but it was a tough surface out there to play on.

“A lot of players slipped but, defensively, he was really good with and without the ball. That’s what you need from him when you come in.

“He’s certainly not let us down. It’s four or five games now and we’ve not conceded a goal with him in our team. At the moment he’s certainly earning his stripes.”

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