Congress appoints acting Zifa president after voting out Kamambo

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The Zifa congress has appointed Gift Banda as the acting president, who will hold the office until the next elections in December.

The appointment was made at the Extra-ordinary General Meeting in Harare on Saturday.

Banda replaces Felton Kamambo, who was voted out of the association at the indaba.

The new boss served as Kamambo’s deputy but was on suspension since 2019. The sanction was revoked by the congress just before his promotion.

Northern Region chairman Martin Kweza said: “According to the Zifa constitution constitution, when Mr Banda was suspended by the Kamambo-excecutive, he was supposed to be brought before congress to determine whether he was guilty or not. This did not happen.

“The constitution is very clear, it says if it doesn’t happen the suspension falls away and the member remains part of the board.

“Technically what it means is that Banda is the vice president of Zifa at the moment and again in terms of the constitution that in the absence of the Zifa president, the vice president shall take over and act as the president until the next congress where an election can be held if necessary.”