France, Morocco fans in bloody clashes after World Cup encounter

France and Morocco fans clashed in violent scenes in Paris, Nice and Montpellier following their teams’ 2022 FIFA World Cup meeting on Wednesday.

The two nations faced in the semifinal of the tournament, with Les Bleus winning 2-0 and booked their place in Sunday’s final against Argentina.

The result saw saw France supporters take to the streets to celebrate, but the celebrations later turned into bloody clashes with the Moroccans.

Riot police were deployed across France and reports have suggested that a 14-year-old boy lost his life after being “violently” run over.

Prior to the game, the French authorities had anticipated the possibility of clashes and decided to mobilise some 10,000 police across the country.

Police set up checkpoints to search fans for flares and smoke bombs and were tasked with trying to prevent vandalism and aggression. The measures were put in place after clashes had erupted in Paris after Morocco’s celebrations at defeating Portugal on December 10 turned violent.


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