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Jordan Zemura reacts to Bournemouth’s slump to relegation zone

Jordan Zemura believes his team will bounce back after slumping to the relegation zone on the Premier League table following their Saturday’s 1-1 draw against Nottingham Forest.

The Cherries slipped down to 18th in the table, with 17 points from their 20 matches.

Asked if it is a blow mentally to know Cherries will be in the bottom three for two weeks before they return to the field at Brighton on February 4, Zemura told the Daily Echo: “No, nothing like that. I think from bottom of the table to where Forest are is five or six points difference.

“That’s two games, two wins and then they could be where Forest are (in 13th).

“I think for us, we know we’re there, we’re still fighting, we’re in and around it.

“It’s January now, more players are coming back from injury and then Dango (Ouattara) was excellent, we’ve got players like that coming in.

“It’s perfect and I think by the end of the season, we’ll be in a very good place.”

Asked if the prospect of relegation is ever mentioned among the squad, Zemura added: “No, not at all.

“We’re on 17 points and the team above us is on 17 points and then the team above that is on 18 points, then it’s 18 points.

“So we’re all in and around it. That’s the battle. That’s the beauty of it.”

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