EPL ‘killing’ football in Europe: La Liga Chiefs

LaLiga’s Corporate Director Javier Gomez has suggested that the English Premier League clubs’ high spending is killing the standards of football in Europe.

The League spent a record $1 billion in the January transfer window and outspent the rest of Europe’s ‘big five’ leagues by almost four times.

In a video uploaded on Twitter by La Liga president Javier Tebason which he captioned – “Premier League are financially doped” – Gomez pleaded with UEFA to impose more strict Financial Fair Play rules on the English clubs.

“In LaLiga what we are looking for is that clubs spend what they can generate autonomously. Shareholders are allowed to support within certain limits,” said Gomez.

“In the Premier League, it is the opposite. Until June 2021, the Premiership and the Championship had lost 3000 million euros ($3.28 billion), the Spanish LaLiga lost 250 million euros. In the same period, the Premier League and Championship shareholders put in 3500 million euros, in Spain they put in 450 million euros.

“They are doping the clubs, they are injecting money that is not generated by the clubs. This puts the viability of a club at risk when this shareholder leaves. In our opinion, this is cheating because it drags down the rest of the leagues.”

He added: “That is our fight, demanding that UEFA implements a new economic regulation that prevents the shareholder of a club from putting in more than a certain amount and that it enforces this rule and sanctions non-compliant clubs. It doesn’t matter which league or country it is, they should sanction clubs that don’t comply with this regulation.”

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