“Ashamed” Man City boss issues public apology to Gerrard

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has issued a public apology to Steven Gerrard after he mocked the Liverpool legend over his infamous slip that cost the Reds the title back in 2014.

The Spanish gaffer made the claims while defending City in the wake of 115 allegations of financial misconduct.

He told reporters on Friday: “The goal from Aguero, when Balotelli slipped? I don’t know if we are responsible for Steven Gerrard slipping at Anfield. Was that our fault? I have respect for Steven Gerrard – but that moment belongs to us.”

Guardiola has publicly apologised to Gerrard and revealed he has also said sorry during a private conversation with the former Liverpool captain.

The gaffer told a news conference on Tuesday: “I apologise to Steven Gerrard for my unnecessary and stupid comments, that I said last time about him.

“He knows how I admire him for what he has done in the country where I live. I defended my club but I didn’t represent my club well with my stupid comments. I am ashamed.

“I have apologised to him privately but, like the comment was public, my apology must be public as well.”

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