ZIFA members to discuss roadmap for return to international football

ZIFA boss Gift Banda

The Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) members will this Friday convene in Harare to discuss the recommendations made in the ZIFA Restructuring Committee report.

The report was released last month and made many recommendations, including the need to come up with a new and progressive constitution, management and financial accountability at all levels, grassroot football development and viable channels that will fund the organisation.

Interim ZIFA President Gift Banda confirmed to The Herald about the meeting, which is expected to come up with a working document that should guide the football reforms to get the game kicking again and guide towards reinstatement of ZIFA’s membership at FIFA.

Banda said: “Basically, we are going to be unpacking the document that has been produced by the ZIFA Restructuring Committee, putting everything in its rightful place. So we are saying, we have our national constitution as a country, what does it say?

“We have the FIFA constitution that we need to follow, what does it say? We have the recommendations from the Restructuring Committee, what do they say?

“We have the ZIFA constitution in its current form, what does it say? We have the recommendations from the ZIFA Constitutional Review Committee, what do they say? Remember we had started doing the constitutional review long before the Restructuring Committee had come in.

“So we are also going to be considering the submissions that have already been done.”


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