Watch: Football fan attack goalkeeper during UEFA Europa match

Sevilla goalkeeper Marko Dmitrovic was forced to fend off a PSV fan who attacked him in their Thursday’s Europa League clash in Netherlands.

The hosts defeated Sevilla 2-0 in their knockout play-off second leg encounter but lost the tie on a 3-2 aggregate scoreline to bow out of the tournament.

The fight occurred late in the match as PSV was losing the encounter, while Dmitrovic had been booked for time wasting.

The supporter was filmed throwing a punch, and missing, before Dmitrovic grappled him to the ground as reinforcements from both sides arrived.

Reacting to the incident, Dmitrovic told reporters: “He came and pushed me from behind.

“He was probably angry about the result and a bit crazy already. He tried to hit me and I managed to grab him and wait for him to security will arrive . It’s never nice to see this in football, it shouldn’t happen and from now on I hope these things are well punished.”

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