SRC no longer have powers to heed to FIFA orders for lifting of ban: Mlotshwa

Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) chairman Gerald Mlotshwa has claimed that his organisation is no longer able to reinstate Felton Kamambo-led executive back into the ZIFA board.

The SRC suspended the Kamambo administration in November 2021 for several violations, chief among them failure to account for public funds.

FIFA felt the suspension was done against its statutes and banned the country from international football due to third party interference.

In its condition to lift the sanctions, the world football body told the SRC to reinstate the Kamambo-led board.

Mlotshwa, however, is now claiming that his organisation is no longer in any position to legally reinstate Kamambo since he was later recalled by the ZIFA congress and the former ZIFA boss is supposed to be patriotic enough to communicate the development to FIFA.

“It is a fact that Mr Felton Kamambo is no longer the Zifa president, having been recalled by his own congress. It follows, logically, that the SRC is not able to reinstate him to that position,” the SRC chairman was quoted as saying by the Standard.

“Any such attempt would, ironically, be blatantly unlawful in terms of ZIFA’s current constitution as well as the Sports and Recreation Commission Act.”

Mlotshwa added: “There is therefore no legal basis upon which ZIFA or indeed the SRC can request Messrs. Kamambo and Mamutse to correspond with FIFA, nor can the latter organization, in light of its views on the outcome of the EGM of April, 2022, demand the same of those persons.

“If anything, it is perhaps the correct, if not patriotic thing to do, for these recalled ZIFA executive committee members and the suspended general secretary, to formally advise FIFA that they no longer hold office. They owe this nation an apology.”

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