Inactive Mighty Warriors discover new FIFA ranking

Mighty Warriors have discovered their position on the latest FIFA Rankings released on Friday.

The women’s national team is on number 126 in the world, one place up from their previous ranking but gained no points.

The rise came as result of an overall movement among the teams outside the top 100.

The stagnation on point tally is due to prolonged inactivity as the team last played a game in early 2022.

The Mighty Warriors missed several tournaments including the COSAFA tournament.

Meanwhile, USA retained the highest ranking in the world while Nigeria took the top post on the continent.

World Top 10: 1. USA, 2. Germany, 3, Sweden, 4. England, 5. France, 6. Canada, 7. Spain, 8. Netherlands, 9. Brazil, 10. Australia.

Africa Top 10: 1. Nigeria, 2. South Africa, 3. Cameroon, 4. Ghana, 5. Ivory Coast, 6. Equatorial Guinea, 7. Morocco, 8. Tunisia, 9. Zambia, 10. Algeria.

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