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President Mugabe slams “greedy” Cuthbert Dube

ZIFA have been heavily criticised by President Robert Mugabe for abusing football funds and poor governance.

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Speaking at an event after the opening of the 3rd session of the 8th parliament the President said events at ZIFA were worrisome and had to be condemned . The President Mugabe also had no kinds words for ZIFA boss Cuthbert Dube.

President Mugabe was quoted by the Herald saying , “You get a person paying himself even from a organisation,social organization like a football club ,paying themselves thousands and thousands, $150 000 they say

“I have not believed it,uyu anonzi ani Dube. He gets how much ? We are saying NO to that.We are not that well developed ,when you get that amount where do you think it’s coming from? “Gate takings,people pay in order to see soccer and you don’t even have the conscience of saying “no this is wrong” you say no I am entitled to it, we cannot have that kind of greed in the country.

ZIFA have been making the headlines again in recent days after producing questionable accounts following the Warriors AFCON qualifier against Guinea.ZIFA have denied misuse  of funds and insist they reported accounts correctly.

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