Riot police attend Highlanders press conference

Highlanders head coach Amini Soma Phiri (pictured above) says he remains confident Highlanders will avoid the embarrassment of being relegated after a poor season.

Amini was speaking at the club’s weekly press conference this afternoon. The press conference was graced by riot police who were on standby after frustrated club fans had threatened to hold a demonstration.

“We will pull through said Phiri when the presser began. We are not in a good position but we will work hard. There is a virus that we need to work on. There is no fighting spirit in the system he added.

Phiri was in no mood to talk about his dressing that has drawn attention from fans ,telling journalists not to ask any question with regards to his dress code.

“I don’t want questions with regards to how I dress. I will not entertain questions particularly on my religious beliefs.

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