Chiyangwa speaks on Pasuwa reinstatement

ZIFA have issued a statement regarding the reinstatement of Callisto Pasuwa as the head coach.

Pasuwa had deliberations with ZIFA today that lead them to reverse their decision to fire him. Pasuwa will also keep his technical team which was one of issues of contention that eventually lead the fall out.

“I have conferred with the Vice President Mr Omega Sibanda and all members of the executive committee Chiyangwa said on Zifa’s official website.

We have agreed that in the interest of the nation and the beautiful game, Coach Kalisto Pasuwa be reinstated with immediate effect.

“Differences are normal in any institution but it is imperative for them to be solved in an amicable manner.

“Coach Kalisto Pasuwa is a very successful coach and undeniably one of the highly qualified coaches in the country.

“The Association will inevitably render him necessary support as he prepares for the 2016 CHAN finals. “We are very confident that his wonderful exploits will bring success to our loving nation, said Dr Chiyangwa.

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