Give Us A Chance: Dynamos Chairman

Dynamos chairman Isaiah Mupfurutsa says people should give his board a chance to build the team for the 2019 season without exerting a lot pressure.

Mupfurutsa argues that some of the reportage about what I’d happening at the clubis being exaggerated.

” Some of the information is not true, like the story that only five players from last season are left at Dynamos. We still have quite a number of players from last season and we have been working hard to make sure that we are competitive in 2019. People must give us a chance to do our work quietly, the situation is not as bad as is being portrayed,” said Mupfurutsa.

Despite Mupfurutsa’s denials, a number of players from last season have sought moves elsewhere complaining of unfavourable working environment citing assistant coach Murape Murape as the main culprit.

The players accuse Murape of lacking player management skills and has often clashed with senior players forcing them to seek moves elsewhere.

Besides Marshall Machazane, Peace Makaha and Obey Mwerahari who were suspended last year and fingered Murape, Marvellous Mukumba and Gift Saunyama have joined Black Rhinos, Brett Amidu moved to Chicken Inn, Tonderayi Mateyaunga is club hunting in South Africa . Cleopas Kapupurika has joined Highlanders while Blessing Moyo is reported to be on his way out. Machazane has since joined Harare City while Makaha moved to new boys Manica Diamonds with Mwerahari going to Triangle.

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