Head of Serie A football club Brescia Massimo Cellino has suggested that the season should be cancelled over coronavirus outbreak.

Italy has been affected severely by the virus, killing close to 5000 people in that country. The infectious disease has heavily hit the northern parts where the city of Brescia is located.

The outbreak has caused a lockdown and all football and other sporting activities are suspended.

But Cellino whose team is at the bottom of the log wants it cancelled for good.

“Everything has to be moved to the next season. It is time for realism, gentlemen. This is the plague,” the 63-year-old businessman told the Corriere dello Sport as cited by AFP.

“This season is finished. Anyone who wants this cursed (title), take it. It is closed. Finished.

“And I am not saying this because Brescia are last in the standings.”

Meanwhile, Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has already indicated that all the national bans on public gatherings will be extended for weeks if not months.

The initial suspension is supposed to formally end on Wednesday.