Zifa’s Appeals Committee’s decision to overturn a PSL verdict in the match-fixing case involving Herentals has left Black Rhinos livid.

The Students were initially found guilty of manipulating the outcome of their league game against Rhinos in October, last season. They were docked three points and fined $300 000.

But after taking the case to the Zifa’s Appeals Committee, they were found not guilty, with part of the verdict saying there was no sufficient evidence to implicate the Harare club.

Rhinos’ secretary-general Edward Mutukwa has slammed the judgment, claiming the association is captured.

“The writing has always been on the wall because they (Herentals) had managed to manipulate the Zifa system by assisting the association,” Mutukwa told the Chronicle.

“Remember their ‘timely’ donation to Zifa for the girls’ national Under-17 World Cup qualifier against Botswana in January? Obviously after those donations, it became clear that we can’t expect Zifa to give judgment that is against Herentals.

“What is clear from this ruling is that football is no longer football. One with money can do anything and money can be used to influence the system.

“Going forward, everyone will be cautious because it’s highly likely that we will be going to the stadium to watch “delayed” games in the sense that the outcome of the match would have long been decided.”