Aces Youth Soccer Academy (AYSA) has received some funding from English musician Phil Collins which will help underprivileged boys and girls at the academy.

Collins made the donation through his Little Dreams Foundation.

The news was announced by AYSA’s co-director Nigel Munyati in an interview with Daily News.

“What we have done is that we managed to secure some funding, and we are constantly looking for more, and it’s amazing because if I tell you, our recent funding, we got it from Collins the musician and his wife,” he said.

“They run an organisation called Little Dreams Foundation, and we are one of the institutions they are supporting financially.”

Munyati added that his academy wants to use the international market to generate more income instead of selling their players to local teams.

“We have adopted a business model, you find that there is not much from placing players locally but of course when you place them abroad, you get something.

“But what we do when we place those players is that we re-invest into the Academy because it’s our core business,” he added.