The Zimbabwe Football Association is meeting all its affiliates to discuss the recommendations of disbursing of the Fifa Covid-19 funds.

The FA came under fire in the past week after it proposed to pay the clubs in local currency which has been affected by inflation. The association received US$ 1,8m from Fifa to help on the restart of football in the country.

The first meeting was held on Saturday with the Premier Soccer League who suggested the amount be shared in US dollars.

“PSL recommended that they want to be paid in US dollars,” Zifa president Felton Kamambo said. “We have taken that recommendation but we are not yet deciding on that because PSL is not the only affiliate that we have.

“We also need to hear the input from other affiliates so that when we get the money, we would have taken into account the recommendations from all the concerned affiliates.

“By the way, the money is not here yet. We are going to have a virtual meeting tomorrow (today) of FIFA and all the member associations where we are going to be given the direction on the use of the funds.”