Warriors learn latest FIFA ranking after Malawi draw

FIFA has released the latest World Rankings following the end of the October international break.

The Warriors were in action during the window, and they played a goalless draw against Malawi.

On the latest line up, Zimbabwe kept its 111th position in the world while on the continent, the Southern Africans remained on number 27 with 1180 points.

Senegal, dropped one place to number 21 on the global ladder but managed to retain its status as Africa’s best-ranked team. There were no changes in the world Top 5 as Belgium stayed on number 1.

The next FIFA World Ranking will be published on 26 November 2020, a week after the international break where Zimbabwe face Algeria (No 3 in Africa) in back-to-back Afcon Qualifiers.

World Top 10: 1. Belgium, 2. France, 3. Brazil, 4. England, 5. Portugal, 6. Spain, 7. Uruguay, 8. Argentina, 9. Croatia, 10. Colombia.

Africa Top 10: 1. Senegal, 2. Tunisia, 3. Algeria, 4. Nigeria, 5. Morocco, 6. Ghana, 7. Egypt, 8. Cameroon, 9. Mali, 10. Burkina Faso.

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