I want to leave a legacy through helping others: Munetsi

Marshall Munetsi says he wants to create a legacy through his foundation, the Marshall Munetsi Foundation.

The France-based midfielder has been helping children in his home area of Mabvuku where he pays the school fees for 60 scholars at Mabvuku Primary and Donnybrook Primary.

Speaking in an interview with ESPN, the 24-year old said he remembers the lessons he learned on his gruelling journey from relative poverty to a life of luxury in Ligue 1 and is now helping the youngsters to realise their dreams also.

“You always see stories about footballers spending their money on other things… These are the stories that we grow up listening to,” the versatile Zimbabwe midfielder said.

“It [the Marshall Munetsi Foundation] keeps reminding me of the job that still needs to be done. Obviously, we live a life where we don’t have many years to live, but you can always leave a good legacy – especially for my fellow brothers and sisters, the young ones who are coming up.

“Most of them, when I go back home — you see the enthusiasm that they have. They want to make it one day as football players… I have also been helped by lots of different people who gave me a lot, for which I can never pay them back.”