Exclusive: Warriors star blasts Lodza, accuses him sabotaging Logarušić, divisions in the team

Typically, when a football team fails to perform to the required or expected standard, the head coach is blamed.

As the individual who makes the final decisions in terms of team selection and how the team plays, the head coach should, logically, shoulder the blame when things go wrong.

Warriors coach Zdravko Logarušić  has come under the microscope for the national team’s early exit from CHAN 2021, with many questioning not only his tactical prowess but the logic behind his appointment.

A Warriors player however, who was part of the squad which played Algeria in back to back AFCON qualifiers last November, has opened the lid on what really transpires in camp during preparations for matches, opining that Lloyd Chitembwe is the biggest problem.

“I don’t know if sabotage is the word but the assistant coaches do not respect Loga and that obviously results in players not respecting him too.  Lodza (Chitembwe) in particular, is not a fan of Loga. He criticizes his methods every time and even once whispered that he is not good enough to coach the national team,” the player, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Soccer24.

“Chitembwe takes advantage of Loga’s inability to understand Shona and condemns him even his presence, he just doesn’t believe the Croatian is the right man for the job.”

According to the Warriors star, Chitembwe also makes the players whose selection he disagrees with, feel out of place.

“Ask some other players if what I’m saying isn’t true, the regrettable divisions among the players are traceable back to Lodza. He believes some of the players selected by Loga are not good enough to be called and he is hostile to them while very pleasant to the ones he prefers. It’s a big problem.”

“There is no unity among us sha, it’s just small groups after small groups. I’m not saying 23 players should click the same way, but the divisions in the Warriors camp are as clear as day light,” he explained.