Enjoy AFCON 2021 news, European leagues results without requiring data

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The skyrocketing prices of data in Zimbabwe will no longer hinder you from having access to news on the Soccer24 website.

If you are an Econet subscriber, you no longer require data to read news on our website. You can now purchase the Soccer24 weekly bundle for only ZW$109 and have access to all news on the site, withou having data.

The good news is that the bundle has been reduced to only RTGS1 for the entire month of January.

How does one purchase the bundle and how it works?

Visit the zero data Soccer24 site  https://zerodata.soccer24.co.zw/ and buy your bundle using Ecocash.

Once you purchase the bundle, you are now fully subscribed and can log in to the site by entering your phone number.

After subscribing, for the next 7 days you will be able to read all news, be it local, regional, players abroad, international news and match reports, without requiring data.

Should you by any chance have data and be an active subscriber at the same time, your data won’t be consumed when you open our zero data website.

For now, please note that the platform, which also allows you to have fixtures and results from all European major leagues, is only available to Econet subscribers.