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ZIFA Restructuring Committee report released, recommends blocking politicians from holding FA posts

ZIFA Restructuring Committee report has been released as several recommendations have been made which include constitutional amendments and need for budgetary support from the government.

The nine-member committee was appointed following the suspension of the Felton Kamambo-led ZIFA board and managed the operations until a new board came in place in April 2022. Its other mandate was to come up with a strategic roadmap towards addressing the issues that have affected football management and administration in Zimbabwe.

The restructuring team’s report noted that the ZIFA constitution is outdated and there is no strict observence on it by the entire FA set-up.

The committee recommended changes to the constitution and highlighted the need to bar those in public offices and politicians from holding a post within ZIFA as there will be clash of interests.

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The restructuring team, in their report, believes there should be. term limits for all ZIFA councillors.

The committee also urged the government to have a direct budgetary and administration support towards the Warriors and Mighty Warriors teams.

Other recommendations touched on the need to have a standardised system that will help develop vibrant junior and women’s leagues and competitions.

The report also urged ZIFA to be on the forefront in lobbying for the development and refurbishment of football facilities in the county.


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